Object Download: The Daily Grindenator 3GS (TS2 Modernize Project #1)

I love coffee. And I mean I love coffee. But one thing I love more than coffee itself is the thing that makes it - my Keurig. My Keurig has been there with me through it all, providing me the best beverage on earth when I needed it most. It's a machine, Caleb, an inanimate object that has no connection to you whatsoever
So, I wanted something like that for my sims. I wanted a Keurig in my game for the longest time and I had no idea how to execute it properly. I have to thank Jez for this awesome tutorial! Thank you, Jez! InfoBecause I hate real-world branding, I changed the brand up a bit: The Daily Grindenator 3GS - The name comes from my friend Cindy's Pleasantview coffee shop, The Daily Grind

The mesh is converted from TS4 and is originally by sg5150. I edited it and gave it some more colorful swatches, along with a revamped Simlish screen.

The Daily Grindenator 3GS costs $85 and comes in IKEA LACK and Pastel colors. Feel free to recolor it, but please give credit. 

Note: The …

Lot Download: Pleasantview Regional Hospital (NO CC!)

Welcome to the Pleasantview Regional Hospital! 
GeneralI'm playing Pleasantview as an integrated economy, and I needed a hospital. I downloaded some but they were too big for a town the size of Pleasantview. There really aren't many available, so I just built my own.

This hospital was heavily inspired by my local hospital, even the name comes from it.

I had Pleasantview in mind when I built this, but this works and looks great in any 'hood! 

Oh, and do you ever wonder where the Pleasant twins were born? They were born at this very hospital! I recreated the iconic hospital room from the family's storytelling images.

ChrisTheNewbie also has recreated lots from Pleasantview's storytelling images, such as the bar where Skip proposed to Brandi and the church where Daniel and Mary-Sue got married. I love those lots because they complete Pleasantview so well.

This lot features:10-Space parking lotHelipadTwo maternity rooms, one maternity suiteOn-Call room for staffWaiting room…

Lot Download - Pleasantview Housing Authority - (No CC!)

Welcome to the Pleasantview Housing Authority! (aka the Flop House or PHA) 

Because I use the No20khandout mod, most sims who move out on their own or graduate from college don't have enough to buy a house or rent an apartment. The PHA is a city-funded building that helps sims who are unable to purchase or rent a home. 

In the past, I used Sappy's Flop House, but I didn't like how it was built. It didn't look the way I wanted it to. So, I built my own, and this is the result! 

There are two versionsStandard and Deluxe.

This lot was built in Any Game Starter in a clean and empty game with NO CC. The screenshots are from my main game.
Standard Version6 UnitsPrice ranges from $158 - $314All units include a bed and clothing rackOne gender-neutral public bathroom, complete with private showers, stalls, and sinks.A hot tub is included in the back patio.  

Gameplay Rules for The Sims 2

Ever since I was little, I loved micro-managing in The Sims 2. It's my only favorite way to play.

I kind of had my own rules, but never really wrote them down or went into detail about them. I never really did that much rotation, either. It was kind of a mess.

But, when I found Pleasant Sims, I was hooked on the way Cindy plays her game. Her rules are so good, and she's worked on them for years. Cindy plays wants-based like I do, which I love. 

I love these rules! However, I'm putting my own twist on her rules, to show you how I play my game. Mostly, I have minor changes in the rules. 

These are my rules for my 10 Gen Pleasantview, a maxis 'hood with an integrated economy.

*Please, do not steal, copy and paste, or claim these rules as your own. Content
RolesAgingAspirationsCareersClothing & Favorite ColorsFertility & AdoptionFinancesHousing AuthorityHospital & MedicalNeighborhood TreasuryNeighborhood Laws & Detention FacilityOrphanageAnimal Shelter