Object Download: Wndy26's Parking Lot Sign Recolors (SIMLISH!)

I've always put down parking on my community lots. While in the early days, I was CC-free when I made parking lots, now I use as much CC as I can - or until my computer blows up.

The user Wndy26 on MTS created a set called "Parking Lot Supplemental Pack" and it included a parking block, speed bumps, and parking lot signs. I fell in love with the set when I first discovered it! However, I hardly ever use the parking lot signs, and only for one reason; they're in English.

Now, I don't know about you, but my sims speak Simlish, and not English. While I do tolerate some English writing in my game, because in the real world, people often have posters, shirts, etc, in a foreign language - I didn't tolerate road signs in English. How would you feel if you were driving in your neighborhood and suddenly, your stop sign now says "arrΓͺt"? - okay, enough babbling.

Download Wndy26's Parking Lot Sign Recolors (SIMLISH!) 

Note: You will need the Parking Lot Sign in the Parking Lot Supplemental Pack; this is required, as it is the mesh you need for these recolors to work properly.

Click the link to download the file. Use 
these install instructions or The Sims 2 Clean Pack Installer, if you like.


  1. I would love to download these signs, but I keep getting a "500 Internal Server Error"
    I don't know if you can do anything about it, but wanted to let you know.


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